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Fish liberation / Mercy Release In Malaysia ( Kuala Lumpur and Selangor ) 放生鱼 马来西亚 Malaysia ( 吉隆坡和雪兰莪)

Why Fish Liberation

Buddhists and some religions or cultures in the world practice life liberation. For Buddhists, life liberation gives the priceless gift of fearlessness, freedom and Dharma. Buddhists believe that the immeasurable merits from life liberation are boundless and it is one of the ways to dissolve negative karma.

Why fish ? There are hundred of thousands fishes in the market and Malaysia is blessed with numerous lakes and rivers which serve as natural habitats for them without putting strain on the ecosystem. One could also achieve more life liberation with the same budget.

Our company have access to several farms and could purchase the fish in bulk from them and thus could lower the average cost per fish. We have few lorries and workers standby to help you deliver to most of the places in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

We have so far helped people to release more than 1000 tonnes or more than 6 millions fishes into natural habitats and we have helped eased the process for our customers who want to liberate fishes and do not know how or do not have the manpower to handle such volume. We could also help you to read out prayer if such service is required.

We understand that customers have location preference for life liberation and we could provide advise to which area would be more suitable for such practice.



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You could reach us by 011-37720688 ( Direct Call/Whatsapp) or email us at [email protected] and indicate to us the amount, date and location you prefer. We would provide you the quotation as soon as possible. If you are from oversea, please whatsapp +6011-37720688 or Wechat : HH9963.

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您可以通过011-37720688(直拨电话/ Whatsapp)与我们联系,或发电子邮件 [email protected] 给我们,并告诉我们您的数量,日期和地点。我们会尽快为您提供报价。国外请联络 whatsapp +6011-37720688 微讯 HH9963. 别忘了跟踪我们的Facebook & Instagram. 您可以按页面下的图标或您可以在Facebook ID: Fishliberation Instagram ID : @myfishliberation 找寻我们

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